Online learning for employees – A massive headache or a big opportunity?

In the era of globalization, having employees from different part of the world has become more common than ever, especially in international companies. But globalized companies are a double-edged sword, especially for HR managers. How so?

Different background normally means different level of education

Globalization has brought good aspects – such as integration, being opened and learning from other cultures – but also inconveniences. One of these difficulties is the fact that people coming from different part of the globe have different levels (and kinds) of education. In every-day life, this might lead to misunderstandings and errors that may affect the work efficiency of then whole company.

HR managers cannot ignore this. Especially, because nowadays companies have been given a long list of tools that require working together, sharing information and documents, continuous communication. Let’s take into consideration, for example, Microsoft Office 365 Applications or SharePoint. It is so paradoxical to think that, once employees are given these tools, they cannot be as efficient as they should simply because they don’t know how to use them, or because beginner users are not able to keep up with the pace of more expert users.

HR managers should find a way to guarantee a basic efficient level of knowledge for all their employees, regardless of their education, background or the location where they work.

But how can they do that?

A multilanguage training service

At Wistec Training, we have developed a multilanguage online IT training program, called Wistec Online, that perfectly suits the needs of an international company. Our service is:

  • Equal: everyone can learn; we want our trainings to be for as many employees as possible, despite their linguistic, educational and cultural backgrounds.
  • Convenient: whether the users are beginner or more expert, thanks to a vast library of courses in various IT topics, everyone can get some benefits from Wistec Online.
  • Flexible: everyone can choose the courses they like the most, available in different languages, and learn at their own pace. Either with couple of minutes per day or, through intensive sessions, the outcomes will be visible and tangible in everyday work.

With Wistec Online HR managers can embrace a complete and comprehensive training that treats everyone equally and, first and foremost, treats everyone well.

We are quite sure companies’ employees would gain so many benefits from such a service, wouldn’t they?

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