Instructions for online training participants

Familiarize yourself with the settings well in advance of the training!

We recommend using two monitors on the same computer for distance learning. This allows you to share your own desk with the trainer in the event of a problem. Alternatively, you can use two computers.

With “Dual Screen Tactics” you can follow the tutorial and do tasks at the same time:

  • If you have two computers, put the training to run on one and work on the other machine yourself.
  • If you’re using two monitors on the same computer, switch the monitors to Extended desktop mode to get a different image for both monitors (Windows + P key). In this mode, you can make the training rotate on one screen and follow it on another yourself.
  • Tip: Instead of a separate secondary display, you can also use a projector, if one is available.

NOTE! However, participation in the training does not require the use of two (2) separate screens, but their use is intended to make it easier to do the exercises and follow the trainer at the same time.

It is recommended that the participant has access to the application/program that is discussed in the course.

Instructions for Zoom participants