Wistec Training and Eduhouse merge – Our name is Eduhouse Ltd from 1st February 2022

The Nordic elite of e-learning services will be sharpened when the ICT training companies Wistec Training and Eduhouse, which provides financial, payroll and HR training services, merge into a single entity called Eduhouse Oy. At the same time, Verdane, a Nordic private equity firm, will become the main owner of both companies. Wistec Training and […]

Juha Huhtasen tilinpäätös 2021 blogi

Strong financial statements for the year of coronavirus

The sixth financial year of Wistec ended on 28th February 2021. Before going in more detail, I will start with the “mandatory” figures and, for comparison, you can find the corresponding figures from the previous year in parentheses. Our net sales for the interest year were EUR 2.1 million (EUR 1.9 million), operating profit EUR […]

Wistecin toimitusjohtaja Juha Huhtasen blogi tilinpäätöksestä

The fifth financial statements mean giving up the baby pants

Wistec’s fifth financial year ended on 29 February 2020, so we do not walk in a start-up company’s baby pants anymore. However, I still feel like a start-up, in the positive sense of the word. During the past year, our team has grown again with both Finnish and non-Finnish assets, which has been a source […]

TaaS brings key people together

“Thanks, we will get back to you next week once we have made our decision!”. These words usually end our customer meetings and, we shake hands with the IT Manager in the company’s lobby. What happens before this moment? Generally, the IT Manager is asked to “do something for the Office 365 implementation”. Once we […]

Online learning for employees – A massive headache or a big opportunity?

In the era of globalization, having employees from different part of the world has become more common than ever, especially in international companies. But globalized companies are a double-edged sword, especially for HR managers. How so? Different background normally means different level of education Globalization has brought good aspects – such as integration, being opened […]

Wistec blog: Online learning as an alternative way to the learning path

Online learning as an alternative way to the learning path

In my previous blog, I wrote about the change of learning path and I referred to the learning trends in the workplace offered by’s research. The study revealed that most of the employers offer their employees only online courses: but these have not yet replaced the Trainer-led trainings, according to our experience, at least. […]