Wistec Training and Eduhouse merge – Our name is Eduhouse Ltd from 1st February 2022

The Nordic elite of e-learning services will be sharpened when the ICT training companies Wistec Training and Eduhouse, which provides financial, payroll and HR training services, merge into a single entity called Eduhouse Oy. At the same time, Verdane, a Nordic private equity firm, will become the main owner of both companies.

Wistec Training and Eduhouse currently serve the training needs of more than 1,500 customer organizations in Finland, Sweden and Norway. In addition to the domestic market, we are also looking for growth outside the Nordic countries.

We want to grow especially in the subscription based LaaS i.e. Learning as a Service business. The SaaS business model, which is familiar from the software business, has also landed in competence development and has served as a model for the subscription model based LaaS training business. In Wistec, this model is known as TaaS, or Training as a Service.

Online competence development continues to grow

The demand for online training has grown rapidly in recent years. Information technology is evolving, and companies are operating in an ever-changing environment, which increases the need for continuous training.

LaaS, which is based on a subscription model, operates in a superiorly modern way of developing the expertise of professionals in different fields, as continuous changes require a continuous method of competence development. This, on the other hand, is a critical element when companies and organizations want to minimize staff turnover.

At the moment, the world’s most important subscription based LaaS actors are LinkedIn Learning, Coursera and Codecademy, which we are now going to challenge together without prejudice in Finland, Sweden and Norway by offering trainings in local languages.

What are the benefits of merging to our customers?

When Wistec and Eduhouse merge, our customers will have access to a very wide range of best learning content and trainings.

From the beginning of February 2022, in addition to over 100 courses in digital skills, 650 courses for HR, supervisors, financial and payroll administration and customer service professionals can be purchased at one and the same address. There are also trainings in management and distance working skills, in addition to which new topics are also coming!

In addition to expanding training offerings, our customers will receive faster-updated training content and new topics as we have more and more production resources at our disposal.

The even clearer user interface of our platform as well as interfaces for example HR systems of our customers make it easier to use the service, such as planning and building study paths. The service will also include independently completing its own courses and the possibility to make your own visual appearance.

Our test laboratory is Finland

In our development work, we utilize Finnish educational expertise and we could even say that Finland acts as a kind of test laboratory. We then also share these results agilely internationally, without forgetting the specific characteristics of each country.

Our goal is to offer an identical selection of courses in Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and English, after which we will expand our range of languages as needed.

Reporting and verification of course performance play an important role in the organization’s training planning. As a result of our merger, the old practices will be eliminated and Eduhouse’s reporting, and course certificates will be replaced. And yes, you can also export the report directly to Excel.

Do you want to know more about the merger?

For further information about our merger, please contact our Customer Service.