TaaS is a flexible skills development service for your organization

With Wistec TaaS or Training as a Service -skills development model you’ll get ongoing learning and training services for your organization. The model takes into account the different needs of your employees and makes budgeting and reporting of results easy. The TaaS model provides a cost-efficient concept for all learning services, bundled into one fixed price.

A superior advantage in TaaS model is the chance for any employee to participate into any training when needed without any extra cost. Your company’s learning service costs are all combined in one price.

We’ll support your company’s skills development and -management

Included in the TaaS model is the reporting and analytics. You’ll get a real time reporting service with graphical data on the company skills development progress. This data will enable you to further improve your company learning process and productivity development.

TaaS Service Levels

TaaS adapts to your training needs

Solutions to all types of training needs

The employees are all different. A training that is best suited for one might be the worst for another. Also the needs almost never arise at the same time. How does your company solve this problem?

Some employees are always active in asking for training, but how do you get the passive ones to participate?

Digitization is increasing the need for training. How do you keep your budget and costs in check in this changing environment?

For these questions and many more like them, you’ll find a solution in our TaaS model. Tell us the individual challenges of your company and we’ll figure out the best solution together. Click below to contact us.

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Choose the most suitable TaaS modules for your organization

TaaS customer is a happy customer

A common theme for all Wistec TaaS customers is the fact that they’ve made remarkable savings on costs at a yearly level in learning services. Giving the proper training to your emplyees means improving their ICT skills and increasing their job satisfaction. 90% of all TaaS customers renew their contract after the first year. Will you be our next happy customer?