Wistec blog by Daryoush Farsimadan

What is the difference between an experienced developer and a beginner?

The desire to solve problems is an essential skill for all developers and we respect it throughout our careers.

Of course, there are individuals who have the natural ability to solve problems better than the others but, the difference between an experienced developer and a beginner are distinguished by the practice they decide to develop it further.

Experienced developers are those who have acquired the skills to solve problems and developed them to the point where they can solve the problems effectively and avoid unnecessary use of resources.

Meanwhile, a beginner still learns to solve problems and how to think as a programmer who writes the code.

Learning by doing

Experience can greatly affect how we approach problems, code structure, and design patterns.

The only way to really learn how to solve problems is by doing. Here’s how you can get started in a few simple steps:

  1. Find a resource that has listed some problems to be solved with programming e.g. https://www.dailycodingproblem.com/
  2. Chess puzzles. Yes, chess puzzles!
  3. Personal projects. Encounter real life problems in small portions. Remember to keep the scope as small as possible. Mentality of having finished product is also important!

In addition, you should always take your time when approaching a problem in a few steps:

  1. Evaluate – What are the requirements?
  2. Plan – How your solution should work?
  3. Execute


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